Rules for Dealers

Regulations and Rules for Dealers using our staffing services

  • All interviews to be scheduled through StarsNCars.
  • Upon completion of interview Dealership is to respond via email within 72 hours of status of interest in applicant or passing on applicant.
  • Applicants contact information IS NOT TO BE SHARED WITH ANY 3rd party.
  • Applicant information shall remain strictly confidential.
  • Any applicant interviewed or contact info given to dealership may not be hired within 6 month period unless staffing fee for that applicant is paid to StarsNCars.
  • Upon completion of interview please send email within 72 hours to notify us if you are interested in pursuing applicant otherwise it is assumed that you are passing.  This helps us to know if we should continue to send applicant on interviews or make their resume inactive.  We don’t want to continue to send an applicant onto other interviews if you are offering a position.  We also want to give the applicant every opportunity, if you are passing, to have their resume seen by other clients.


email should be sent to