Rules & Regulations


Rules and Regulations for applicants – Please read

Our services are free to the applicant. However we expect in return for you to comply with the following rules in order for us to network you to our clients:

  • You have the right to decline any interview.
  • If you do accept an interview with one of our clients. We expect the following.
  • Be on time or 15 minutes early
  • Be dressed for interview
  • Complete the questionnaire honestly If you have issue you are concerned with regarding back ground or other please don’t hesitate to call me at 214 995 5945 we will help you as best as we can with your concerns
  • Please make sure are able to be reached. It’s difficult to schedule you for interview if your contact info is inaccurate or you don’t answer your phone, email or text. We will attempt to reach you for 48 hours after that we will discontinue networking your resume if you have failed to respond.
  • Remember this service is a courtesy to you so please be respectful. And respond quickly when we contact you.
  • We are seeking serious applicants so please do not waste our time if you are not serious about obtaining employment.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule interview time let us know ASAP so we can notify the dealership. So we do not waste their time if you’re not coming
  • If you fail to appear without notifying us we will no longer represent you nor will any recruiter we net work with.
  • This service can be a great tool in helping you to market yourself. As we can get your resume in front of the right people at more dealerships faster than you are able to.

As long as you are seeking employment it is good to keep in touch with us. Don’t hesitate to call us at 214 995 5945 or email  once every other week. This way we know you are still seeking employment and will continue to submit your resume as new job orders come in as new job orders come in

Upon any interviews Stars N Cars has scheduled for you. We ask that you notify us via email the day you complete the interview. Tell us if this opportunity is one you are interested in or not and why. This helps us to know to either try to help you obtain the opportunity or to continue to look for other opportunities for you.